Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerators are crucial appliances that allow our food and drinks to stay cold and preserved. If one day you reach inside your refrigerator and realize that your juice is lukewarm, then that is a clear sign that your refrigerator is malfunctioning.

Before you lose hundreds of dollars in spoiled food, then Luke’s Appliance Repair can come save the day. If you live in Belton or the surrounding area, then we can come repair your refrigerator that same day for an affordable cost.


Reasons to Call a Repair Service


High Temperatures

If the condenser coils are clean and the door seals haven’t worn out, then the thermostat may need repairing. Call us and we’ll send a technician out to give your refrigerator a look.



If you notice moisture on the door seal or a puddle underneath the appliance, then the door seal may be worn out. The mullion heater, a small device that combats condensation, may also need repairing.


Unusual Sounds

Thumping sounds can be traced back to a defective compressor. If you hear squealing, however, then it’s a sign that you need to have the freezer fan replaced. These are the most common issues that people see in their refrigerators.


Choosing A Repair Service

When choosing the right repair service, you need to ensure that they have the following qualities:


Certified and Licensed

Refrigerators are complex machines and you want to make sure that your technician has all of the paperwork to prove that they’ve had the correct training. Ensure that they are EPA certified which proves that they are certified to work with the toxic substances and coolants that come with refrigerators.

Luke’s Appliance Repair has all of the right certifications and, on top of that, we stay up to date with them to make sure that we can carry out the best repairs.



Besides the correct paperwork, we have been in the business for years. If your company carries out shoddy or sub-par work, then it won’t gain a solid reputation. Our technicians have learned how the industry works over the years and know how to relate to the customers.

Luke’s Appliance Repair has been repairing household appliances in Belton for close to fifteen years. We intend to upkeep our reputation as the #1 appliance repair service



The internet allows potential clients to read reviews by current clients about our services. We can guarantee that you will hear only good things from our customers. Go have a look at our customer testimonials and judge for yourself.


Call Luke’s Appliance Repair of Belton, MO

We are dedicated to getting your refrigerator back to working conditions. The following principles are a part of our philosophy:

  • Professionalism
  • Exemplary Reliability
  • Affordable Prices

We always strive to offer our customers the highest quality repairs and maintenance services. We treat our customers like family, and we will only offer you the best prices on the market.

If your refrigerator is acting up, give us a call and we’ll schedule an initial consultation with you.