Ice Maker Repair

Ice makers allow us to fully face off against the summer by allowing us to make our beverages extra frosty. At Luke’s Appliance Repair, we understand how it can be frustrating when our ice makers suddenly start underperforming. Whether your ice maker is built into your refrigerator or it’s a stand-alone unit, our certified technicians can fix any issues that arise. They have extensive experience working with every make and model on the current market.


Why Is My Ice Maker Breaking Down?

The ideal temperature that an ice maker should be at is between 0- and -5-degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius). Any higher and that is a clear sign that the ice maker is breaking down. This could be due to many things and, because of an ice maker’s many internal components, it’s best to not attempt any DIY repairs. You could risk causing more damage to the appliance or, even worst, exposing your household to electrical hazards. It’s best to call in the experts for any repairs with your ice maker.


Common Issues That Ice Makers Face


Ice Maker Won’t Turn On

Most ice makers have an adjustable arm that moves as the ice bin fills and pauses the machine when the ice bin is full. Ensure that the arm is in the correct position before calling in the experts.

Also, check the filter and water line to see if they are blocked in any way. The water inlet valve may also be blocked with debris or the door switch may be defective.

Call Luke’s Appliance Repair and we can come give your appliance a good cleaning and replace any necessary parts.



If the machine is not on a level surface, then it can leak. You should also make sure that the supply line hasn’t been damaged in any way. If adjusting the machine doesn’t stop the leaks, then contact us and we’ll come and pinpoint the issue.



No Ice Production or Strange Tasting Ice

If your ice machine is producing ice but it comes out tasting strange or even looking odd, then the inlet valve or water filter might need replacing or repairing. Something may also have become caught in the mechanism of the ice dispenser.

If the ice machine doesn’t eject any ice cubes at all, then the ejecting motor or the ice mold heater may need servicing.


Is It Time For a replacement?

If you supply your machine with good quality water and you’re properly maintaining the machine, it can last up to five years. After the five-year mark, you’ll notice more issues popping up, which indicates that you need to get it replaced.

No matter the issues with your ice machine, Luke’s Appliance Repair can solve them.